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B244 Beveled Edge ProPanels 2"
Price: $219.99
Auralex ProPanels are fabric wrapped acoustical absorption panels that reduce unwanted acoustical reflections.
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Price: $259.99
T'Fusors drop easily into ceiling grids and are wall mountable with pushpins, staples, nails, Tubetak, Velcro or 2-sided tape.
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ProPAD Monitor Isolators
Price: $149.99
The new design features a ¾” Melaminewrapped MDF base covered with a thick layer of ISO-Plate.
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Mega LENRD Bass Traps
Price: $384.99
LENRD stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device. As you may know, a resonance bump in a room's frequency response is called a room node.
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Auralex Acoustics 3" x 3" x 24" CornerFills
Price: $79.99
Acoustically, they smooth out the excess low frequency energy that congregates in room corners.
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Price: $369.99
TruTraps Genesis System is a hybrid product solution that combines broadband absorption with quadratic diffusion.
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Studiofoam DST-114-24
Price: $109.99
Introducing the Auralex Designer Series Treatments - DST! Auralex continues to lead the industry in acoustical performance.
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Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedges
Price: $449.99
2" Studiofoam Wedges are our most popular seller and our best overall absorber! Use 'em to treat small - to medium-sized areas.
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