Acoustics Audio Maxi Panels, Kinetics Isomax Clips and More

From Kinetics Isomax clips, Maxi Panels to Liberty AV Ring Adapters and Auralex acoustics, Acoustics Audio is your headquarters for the best audio and visual equipment available today. We carry only the highest quality brands and the cutting edge technologies you won't find anywhere else.

Interested in eliminating noise from your home theater or in keeping sound from leaking out of your media space? Find out why Acoustics Audio is the leading answer for anyone concerned about noise pollution. Consider our Green Glue compound, a revolutionary new product used with drywall to reduce noise up to 90%. Our Kinetics Noise Isomax clips can be placed between a room’s studs and joists to inhibit sound vibrations. You may also find our extensive selection of wall and ceiling panels helpful, along with our SonoSuede +HD systems, MAX­Wall kits, bass trapping, and even Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors. Whatever the specs, Acoustics Audio can stop even the toughest noise pollution problem.

We carry a full range of Wireworld speaker cables, HDMI cables and Liberty AV Solutions for your convenience. We stock LCD plasma television mounts and connection boxes too. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk to our knowledgeable staff of sound experts who can help you locate exactly the right equipment, fast.

Impress your customers, colleagues, friends and family with world class sound and visual technology. Save money and time with the superior customer service on which we’ve built our reputation here at Acoustics Audio. We’re the go­to for room acoustics, cable and wire products used not only by sound professionals across multiple industries but individuals who care about their home theater systems as well. Contact us today to discover the Acoustics Audio difference!

Acoustic Audio provides its customers with the top sound equipment needed in a home theater setup, a recording studio setup, and any other type of setup requiring noise control or room acoustics. Acoustic Audio’s founder and CEO, Bruce Atkin, began his career in 1964 spinning records at a small radio station north of Montreal, Canada. After learning the art of sound mixing and acquiring an appreciation for quality acoustics, Bruce continued along this professional path, later becoming a sound engineer, and then finally starting his own business, Acoustic Audio. Bruce has experience designing and installing equipment in homes and studios that range from the most modest and simple setups, to those required in a multi-million dollar setting.

if you're facing a noise pollution issue, we can help you get the sound under control with our years of knowledge and experience in this industry. Acoustic Audio can help you stop the toughest noise pollution problem with our extensive selection of wall and ceiling panels, our, MAXPanel Systems, MaxiWall, MaxiTraps, MaxiClouds, and our QRDMax Enhanced Diffusors. Don’t forget our famous Isomax Clips, the best sound isolation made. If a lot of this equipment sounds foreign to you and you’re not sure where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or contact us through our website.

Whether you’re trying to eliminate noise within your home theater or keep sound from leaking out of your media space, you’ll find all the equipment you need on our website along with the necessary guidance on how to utilize and install the equipment.

At Acoustic Audio you can find a range products from the HDMI cable that you’ve been needing to a SonoFlat 112 System needed in a recording studio setup. Our products range from the most basic to the extremely complex, and we’re to help our customers regardless of the product they’re inquiring about. No question is too big or small!

From Power Solutions, to Sound Isolation, to Bulk Cable, Acoustic Audio is here to offer you the best products on the market that Bruce has researched and tested himself.

Although Acoustic Audio currently carries the best and most advanced technology on the market, our company is always looking for new and better equipment, and we want our customers to find the best deals on the best products. Our goal is to help you make the smartest choices when it comes to acoustics and noise control, and we want to make you feel proud and confident in your purchases. The one thing we will never compromise on is the quality of our products.

Acoustic Audio is built on the foundation of Bruce’s passion and genuine interest in this field and desire to share that interest and knowledge with others. Bruce’s dedication and unrelenting fascination with room acoustics and all sound and noise systems is what separates our company from the others that are out there. As a result of our CEO having such a tangible and personal investment in the company, the quality of our products and customer service is always at the highest level.

Although we are a growing e-commerce brand, we never let our relationships with our customers suffer. Bruce and Acoustic Audio are always looking for new ways to help our customers and we want to continue to be a resource for not only the best quality products on the market, but for questions, concerns, and more information on various products and acoustic setups.

We also recommend that our customers create a login for an easier and faster check-out process. Please browse our website, familiarize yourself with our products and offers, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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